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by on October 4, 2009 at 8:21 PM

Would you rather have the Mix set as 1 mp3, or would you want single tracks and i can just zip it up and you can burn it to a cd with tracks in it?

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  • Mike K


    Could you do it where its 4 or 5 tracks but you break them every 10 mins or so? this way its still one big mixx and you can still skip to a point in the track you like..?

    • David



      I can either keep it as 1 file, and the end user(you) can burn to cd and put your own tracks in it, or, i can make it so when you burn it, its still a continuous mix (with no breaks) but you can track to the next song.

  • Amber


    I would prefer it to be separate tracks. Thanks so much for posting these mixes. You know I love good music!

    • David


      I think i will do that. I will split out the tracks tonight and try to get some posted where you can just download the zip file and then burn to cd.

      Be on the lookout starting tonight

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