Mixmeister Fusion 7.4.2

by on October 3, 2009 at 11:33 PM

NuMark released the Latest upgrade not to long ago from there DJ Software called MixMeister. This is a nice new upgrade that fixes a lot of bug’s. Some New Improvements in 7.4 are:

MixMeister 7.4.2 is an update for all versions of MixMeister [except express] which improves the Harmonic Mixing system.
Apposed to the original system in which the Key was displayed as a Letter with a Major or Minor symbol we are now using a number system.
Each key is now displayed as a number in a circle. Major keys are shown as a filled in Circle with the number inside, minor a hollow circle.
A DJ can quickly identify suitable tracks by choosing the number above or bellow. [Ie 4 then 5]
This makes harmonic mixing much easier for the user as they do not need to know the Circle of Fifths or have a harmonics mixing chart handy.
This easy identification system has also been added to the key editing menu which users can reach by right clicking on a track in the library and choosing “edit key”

Now, i am running it on Mac (Snow Leopard) and it works great. I also have the PC version(Windows 7) running. It works great except for 1 small bug. When you go to save your playlist, you get this nice error.

Mixmeister Fusion 7.4.2

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  • David


    It seems you can right click and run in WINXP mode and this is a temp fix for this, but doesnt solve the problem.

    Numark is hard at work for a real fix, but nothing at this time.

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