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From time to time, i run across some new and exciting software. One piece of software that i have been using for about 8 months now is Dropbox.


Dropbox is a great File sync application. When you sign up, you get 2gigs of storage space for free. Then, for each person that you invite and if that persons installs the application on there PC, Mac, or Linux machine, you get an extra 250MB of space, up to an additional 3gigs. So, you can end of with 5 Gigs of free storage space.


The really cool feature about this is you can share a folder with on of your friends. Lets say you are at the office, and you have all the pictures you took over the weekend of you and your friends at the club. You can upload those pictures to a folder in your dropbox. You can then invite all your friends to share that 1 folder. Then, they can log in and get those pictures.


Another example is, lets say you are at work and you are working on this presentation. You need to leave the office and go home, and you want to work on this when you get home. Just upload the documents to your dropbox folder. Then, when you get home, you can open on the documents because they are already at home waiting on you.


You can sync between all your PC’s, Mac’s, and Linux Machines. It also  has a nice web Interface in case you need to login from the internet. Maybe you are at a friends house, or some type of internet cafe. You can also sync Dropbox with your iPhone or iPod touch.


Dropbox is free. There are no pesky adds. You get 2gb free.


Go to DropBox and download it and install it. Start inviting your friends and get more space.

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  • Chris Barr


    I’ve been using dropbox for a few weeks now and it’s been super useful. It’s pretty much replaced my USB thumb drive on my keychain. Mostl;y I use it to copy notes and files from a class I’m taking, and to get music I’ve purchased at home to my work computer.

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