Microsoft office 2011 for Mac

by on September 21, 2010 at 9:45 AM

Microsoft will be releasing its newest Office suite for Mac sometime in late October. This version of Office will include Outlook 2011, the first time Outlook has appeared in Office for Mac. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beta copy, and I must say, this is an incredible addition. Outlook 2011 for Mac is so much like Outlook for the PC. So, if you are familiar with Outlook in Windows, you will love this version.

Outlook 2011 works great with Hosted Exchange at AppRiver. The setup is extremely easy. It utilizes the Autodiscover record just like Outlook for PC. But, one important fact to note: You MUST be on Exchange 2007 or higher. This new version of Outlook will not work on Exchange 2003 or below. If you are an AppRiver Hosted Exchange customer and you are not sure if you are utilizing Exchange 2007, please give us a call to check your readiness for Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Some great features of Outlook 2011 for Mac are:

* Access to Public Folders
* Multiple Exchange Accounts
* Sync Services (Sync our contacts with Address Book and Mobile Me)
* Sync Other Applications and devices by using the Apple iSync Application.
* Sharepoint sync
* Smartfolders

After several months of use I have found that Outlook 2011 for Mac works great on AppRiver Hosted Exchange and brings many features to Mac users for the first time.

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