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by on October 18, 2010 at 11:29 AM

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from our AppRiver Hosted Exchange users that use a BlackBerry is “how can I see my Public Folders on my BlackBerry.” Well, up until now you couldn’t. Well, not exactly. Not in a Hosted Exchange solution.

For many years the only folders available on any BlackBerry were limited to each users mailbox, and no Public Folder access was available. This was updated with the release of BES 5.0 and you can now view up to one Public Contact folder, but no other types of Public Folder are available.

We have many customers that have asked if they could view more then one Public Contact folder on their BlackBerry. We knew there had to be a solution.

I have been testing a product by WiCKSoft to allow our customers access to their public folder data on their BlackBerry’s, and this product delivers. I can now see mail enabled Public Folders, Public Calendars, Public Task & Public Contacts.

WICKSoft for Exchange provides full access to almost all your corporate information stored in Exchange Public Folders. View, search, modify, and create items in shared Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks and other public folders with just a few clicks on your BlackBerry.

  • Navigate virtually everything in Public Folders
  • View, create and update appointments and contacts in real-time
  • View shared tasks, documents, archived emails and more
  • Search for any information in seconds
  • Open stored documents and view attachments to items instantly

But, the excitement doesn’t stop there. WICKSoft provides access to all of your company’s shared Contacts any time from your BlackBerry. Instantly view, search, call, and email contacts located in any shared Contact folder in Exchange.

  • View, modify and create contacts located in company shared contact lists
  • Email and call contacts that are not in your personal address book
  • Quickly search through thousands of contacts
  • Integrated into your BlackBerry email, address book and phone for quick access

WICKSoft provides quick and simple access to multiple shared and delegate Calendars directly from your BlackBerry. View and modify appointments in your boss’s calendar or create new meetings in the company shared calendar.

  • View, edit and create new appointments in real- time
  • Access and switch between multiple calendars
  • Available from the BlackBerry calendar for easy access
  • Familiar BlackBerry look and feel

Coming soon, the software will also work for iPhone and Android users as well as Sharepoint 2010.

One of our beta testers, Linda Lusher with Colorado Elder Care Solutions, had this to say:

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the WICKSoft Mobile Documents program.  I have only used it for 3 hours and am delighted with being able to have all of our Public Contacts appear on everyone’s BlackBerry phone.  I entered 4 contacts onto my PC contacts and checked one of the BlackBerry phones in less than 8 minutes and there they were.  This is something we have missed for years and to be able to have one person enter all new contact information and immediately have it available on all of the BlackBerry phones is just awesome.  It will be a time saver for everyone involved.

Right now, there are a handful of domains that are testing this service on AppRiver Hosted Exchange. If you would like to get public folders on your blackberry, and you are an AppRiver customer, please contact sales to get started testing this. If you are not an AppRIver customer, but you want public folders on your blackberry, please contact David Petree at dpetree@appriver.comto get setup on AppRiver.

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